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Leather Colourant Dye ¦ Leather Colours For Restorations

With our leather colours we’ve made them thin so they’re extremely easy to use and apply, so they can be easily sprayed through any spraying equipment from a fine airbrush to full-size spraying equipment without causing blockages.

For those who wish to be a DIY person, you can even apply our products by foam sponge roller, creating that perfect DIY repair and DIY restoration job for all your DIY furniture needs.

Are you a DIY On A Budget official person then why not use our award-winning products that are known around the world by DIY leading experts.

What is very important is the flexibility of the leather colourant once applied giving truly outstanding results every time.

The PU Colourants have been designed for use on colour restoration and jobs where a complete colour change is required.

We have manufactured them with a high pigment content allowing the coverage to be far better than any other on the marketplace.

This allows just one or two applications so you don’t end up with a plasticky feel and a look that most other products offer. Most importantly is their ability to resist scuffs and scratches unless heavily forced, we put our colourants through thousands of rub testing to ensure they are the finest on the market..

We have 24 standard Leather Colours in our unique range, Rubine, White, Black, Cream, Caramel, Yellow Oxide, Dark Blue, Red, Light Blue, Dark Brown, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Light Grey, Medium Brown, Umber, Maroon, Dark Green, Ivory, Light Brown, Light Beige, Buttermilk, Fast Maroon and Turkey Red.

Extremely Flexible: It can withstand 100,000 flexes Hard wearing & high colour coverage Soft, delicate & natural look & feel Available in 31 standard leather colours or one of over 50,000 leather colours in our database we also offer a Colour matching service to match your leather exactly ask for a price.

Leather Colourant Repair Kits can also be purchased.

  • Thin mixture: easy to apply by hand, or by using an airbrush or touch up gun.
  • Easy Clean:  water is the best method to wash out your spraying equipment if you wish you can use Alcohol Cleaner
  • Safe to use: Can be used anywhere, in all types of environments.
  • A quality leather colourant which we originally designed for use in the automotive market due to the high wear it is put through

Do you love to do DIY repairs? then we can help you with all our DIY repair and DIY restoration projects.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at: help@leatherrepaircompany.com

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